Here is what our customers say about Wonderful Winds

For me Wonderful Winds are a real joy. Their arrangements are interesting and well prepared, easy to read and very well presented with humour, goodwill and efficiency - it's a constant miracle..
 Well done Wonderful Winds ! keep at it !
Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE Hon D Mus. Ex Chairman of the BFS for 6 years and 15 years principal flute RLPO

It was great to find arrangements that were entertaining and interesting for all 5 parts. They were such a hit that we've been back online and ordered some more to try next next week.
Emma Cordell. Yorkshire Wind Orchestra

The parts offer just the right level of challenge and interest to all the players. The bassoonists particularly love them because they get a go at the tune!
Jenny Lowe. University of Melbourne

Nobody could fail but to be delighted by all you do - great arrangements . Thank you
Liz Childs

Mel's arrangement is stunning, poignant, beautiful, exciting, she's captured the music with such skill. She is a genius, truly! 
Thanks for bringing flute choir music that's inspiring, educational and relevant to the kids of Brent...
Joss Campbell. Brent Flute Choir

 I can truly say that you have transformed my working life!
Liz Fyfe. Ex-principal Cor Anglais Royal Opera House, Oboe teacher, Wells Cathedral School

Ordering music from the UK to the USA  scared me at first. Then I viewed the music that was available and gave it a try. Not only was it so easy to work with these ladies but I received the PDF immediately upon payment and the hard copies about a week later!  The arrangements are fantastic!

Great flute music arranged by flute players!  Thank you for a wonderful experience and fantastic music! - 
I highly recommend!
Vanessa, Fireweed Flutes, Anchorage, Alaska.

Tried this out on my flute choir this week. Lovely! Mel Orriss:The Night".Vivaldi for flutes.
Pan Magazine Editor

Had great week working on some of your arrangements.Eleanor Rigby the finale for both our concerts in the Alps  

Received two great arrangements today from WonderfulWinds I urge everyone to use their arrangements for clarinet and other wind combos
Peter Cigleris

Loving WonderfulWinds arrangements for flute ensembles at #flutesdusoleil today!
Diljeet Bhachu

WonderfulWinds Woodwind songs are the best songs. Over the Rainbow is one of my favorites.
'Saxophone' via Twitter

 Queen of the Night, Hebrides Overture, Faure's Pavane, Overture Miniature and the BRILLIANT Habanera! 
Kaija Lappi

WonderfulWinds F
irst rehearsal of 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' today was splendid! A fab arrangement! Thanks Mel
LPSB Flute Group

Just had the 1st rehearsal of the term with my flute choir playing your fab arrangement of So Long Farewell WonderfulWinds love it!! ...

...My flute choir did me SO proud in the concert last night playing WonderfulWinds arrangement of So Long Farewell....
Nikki Warrington

Lots of fun playing WonderfulWinds arrangement of Candide Overture this morning. Love the picc part in this!

Much Christmassiness at flute choir this morning, loving Mel 's arrangement of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' :-)
Rachel (Strawbini)

Recently bought some WW arrangements. Looking forward to using with students!
Annie Hopper

For all my woodwind friends.. Please check out for some great ensemble arrangements by Mel Orriss
Phil Littlemore

Capriol Suite is so brilliantly cheerful!
Cheryl Camm

Wonderful Winds - All That Jazz from Chicago" love it so much!! Great music :)
KSMY Basyyar

We love love LOVE your arrangement of Carmen Gypsie's Chorus!!!! It's so fun and it's one of our favourites !!! :-)
Tempest Flutes

Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba -  we are playing this with the orchestra! So beautiful!
Claire Wolmarans

I love The Typewriter! Will have to order this...
Zara Lawler

Sightread through Mel's arrangements of Toy Story and Mister Sandman with my school flute ensemble! Great arrangements as per!
Yvonne Paterson

Such a fun arrangement love the ending!
Wonderful Winds - Sleigh Ride
Michael Ormand Music

I've been using some of your Wonderful Winds arrangements for a flute group I coach and they're great.
Claire Beard