Wonderful Winds

Flute Days!

Two days of Flute Ensemble fun for players of all ages and abilities!

Please note: all spaces are now filled, but do drop us a line if you'd be interested in a similar event in your area.

  • Play together in a large flute choir and smaller groups using the Wonderful Winds library.
  • Work on your sound, technique and ensemble skills.
  • Coached by Joss Campbell and Mel Orriss.
  • Just Flutes and Wonderful Winds Trade Stands.


The Ockment Centre, North Street, Okehampton. Devon EX20 1AR

Sat. 19th August 2017, 10am - 6pm

For novice/intermediate players & rusty returners! (Approx. Grade 1-5)

Sun. 20th August 2017, 10am - 6pm

For more confident or advanced players. (Approx. Grade 5-Diploma)

  • Intermediate players are encouraged to attend both days of the workshops.
  • Advanced players are welcome to join us on both days, to support the novices, and enjoy a fully immersive flute weekend!

Joss Campbell and Mel Orriss have been firm friends since they met on their first day of 6th Form at Chetham's School of Music back in the 1980's, and have studied, worked and played together for well over thirty years. They share a kindred love and enthusiasm with all things flute and have developed a working chemistry that sees their workshops in demand all over the country.
(Click on the names above to see more about your tutors.)


 We are delighted that Just Flutes, Europe's biggest flute shop, will be joining us with a stand full of instruments, music, accessories and other goodies!
Wonderful Winds
will also be there of course, bringing their full range of flute ensemble music for use as a library over the weekend, and selling all titles on their trade stand.



Adults: £35.00 one day/£60.00 weekend
Under 18s: £25 one day/£40.00 weekend
Early Birds: book before June 30th for a further £5.00 discount!



We are offering two bursaries in the form of free places to two children under 18 who would be unable to attend the workshops due to financial constraints. If this is something you would like to apply for, please contact either Joss or Mel in complete confidence.Early application advised.
UPDATE: Both these places are now taken.

What the days entail

Please click here for a full timetable of the days.

  • Warm-ups - Get your flute bodies and minds ready for the day!
  • Sound workshop - Find your best possible sound; work on posture and breathing using music specifically designed for playing together.
  • Massed flute choir - music will be distributed in advance so that you can prepare some of the repertoire to be covered.
  • Chamber music coaching - a chance to work in small groups with your chosen music, on the day, from the Wonderful Winds library. Joss & Mel will offer guidance on ensemble technique and rehearsal strategies.
  • Informal Concert - We will have an informal concert at the end of each day to show friends and family the results of your hard work. This is a very important aspect of the day; it gives you a goal, a sense of achievement and a chance to put your stagecraft into practice. It's also a great chance to dispel any performance anxiety, playing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.The concert is at 5pm on both days and is free!

To download and print an application form (including terms and conditions) and book your place, please click the links below. BOOKING NOW CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT.

Details of how to return the forms and how to pay are all included. If you would prefer us to send you a form in the post, contact Mel: mail@wonderfulwinds.com or 07817 703844.

Completing the booking form.

Why do I need to put my playing level?
This vital information helps us to plan our repertoire for the weekend so that you won't be playing parts that are too difficult or too easy. Don't worry, we won't be testing anyone!

I have not taken a flute exam but have been playing for several years, how do I judge my playing level?
is aimed towards novice players, intermediate players and adults who have returned to playing but possibly lack a bit of confidence in their abilities.
Sunday is aimed at intermediate to advanced players.

Please click here to see detailed guidelines for judging your approximate Grade.
If you are unsure as to which day you should attend, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

The enrolment form mentions C flutes and others, what are they?
For those new to the flute choir world, there are various sizes of flutes within the flute family. The most common of these is the C flute, the one most of us usually play on. If you own or play a piccolo, alto, bass (or contrabass!), please bring it; we promise you won't play it for the whole day unless you want to! We will have a small number of these other flutes available to use on the day and some of you will have the opportunity to play them in the flute choir and chamber ensemble rehearsals. Don't worry, you won't need to have played them before, and you don't need to transpose!

Player's Pack
Once you've enrolled in the workshop, we will send you a Player's Pack, from the first week of August onwards. This will contain some of the music for the massed flute sessions, a catalogue of the music available in the Wonderful Winds library, and all the information you will need for the day.

If you have any questions about the workshops or need any help filling in the form(s), please do contact either Joss or Mel. We are more than happy to help!
Mel Orriss: mail@wonderfulwinds.com  07817 703844
Joss Campbell: josscampbell@hotmail.com 07930 093564