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*NEW* B012c Bart: "Where Is Love?" from "Oliver!"
*NEW* B013c Bart: "You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two" from "Oliver!"
*NEW* F002a Fucik: Entry of the Gladiators
*NEW* G008a Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King
*NEW* W004c Warren: Chattanooga Choo Choo
*NEW*  S009 Strauss: Tritsch Tratsch Polka
*NEW* G003a Grieg: March of the Trolls
*NEW* G01a Gershwin: Lullaby
*NEW* L007a Legrand: The Windmills of your Mind
*NEW* OR004 Orriss: 1.7.16
*NEW* H008 Hart/Butler/Saint-Saëns: Nellie l'éléphant
*NEW* C006 Coates: The Dambusters March


B012c Bart: "Where Is Love?" from "Oiver!" 

*NEW* Taken from Lionel Bart's smash hit musical/film "Oliver!", this song is first sung by the young Oliver Twist as he languishes in the basement of Sowerberry's the undertakers. Starting simply, this sentimental arrangement makes the most of the close harmonies of the flute choir and the rich low instruments.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

B012c Flute Choir: 3 C fls, afl, bfl, cbfl, dcbfl (opt.)   *LISTEN*
Grading: 2-6
Duration: 2'25


B013c Bart: "You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two" 

*NEW* A cheeky and entertaining version of this classic film tune in which the themes scuttle through the different lines, with plenty of sudden dynamic contrasts to keep you on your toes! The big flutes give a satisfying depth to the ensemble in the more rousing sections.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

B013c Flute Choir: Picc, 4 C fls, afl, bfl, cbfl, dcbfl (opt.)  *LISTEN*
Grading: 2-6
Duration 2'22


C006 Coates: The Dambusters March 

*NEW* This famous March with its iconic theme and soaring countermelodies was originally written by Eric Coates as an exercise in emulating the form of Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance Marches. He disliked writing film music, and when asked by the producers of The Dambusters to provide a title piece he at first refused, but upon hearing it was a film of 'national importance' he relented. This arrangement for flute orchestra gives everyone a chance to enjoy their moment of grandeur, and is a really good blow!

C006 Flute Orchestra: Picc, 4 Fls, Alto, Bass, Contrabass (opt.)    *LISTEN*
Grading: 2-7
Duration: 3'45


F002a Fucik: Entry of the Gladiators 

*NEW* A larger than life, circus themed take on this favourite March, inspired by the sounds of the Wurlitzer fairground organ. After the rousing opening Fučik's themes are used to imply clowns and a flying trapeze, before returning to the original March. Percussion (and dressing up) optional!
(Arr. M.Orriss)

F002a Fl. Orch:   Picc, 4 Fls, A, B CB, DCB, (perc).    *LISTEN*
Duration: 4'22


G003a Grieg: March of the Trolls 

*WINNER* NFA Newly Published Music Competition 2017.
This is  a lively, rustic and splightly spooky dance from Grieg's Lyric Pieces for Piano. Good use is made of all sizes of flute, and there is a slightly more lyrical middle section. A good concert piece.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

G003a Flute Orchestra:  Picc, 4 C Fls, Alto, Bass, Contrabass  *LISTEN*

Grading: 2-9
Duration: 3'53


G008a Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King 

*NEW* This is perhaps Grieg's most famous composition, and comes from the first Peer Gynt suite. It was originally a piece of incidental music to accompany the scene in Ibsen's play where Peer ventures into the Mountain King's hall, finding himself surrounded by trolls, gnomes and goblins chanting 'slay him!'. It starts with a slow and sinister melody that swaps between the alto flutes and climbs up through all the parts, building to a thrilling climax.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

G008a Fl. Orch:  Picc, 2 G fls, 4 fls, 2 afls, 2 bfls, Cbfl, Cafl , Dcbfl, Perc       *LISTEN*
Grading: 2-8
Duration: 2'24


G010a Gershwin: Lullaby 

*NEW* This charming lullaby was originally written for String Quartet when Gershwin was 21. Although it was sometimes performed privately its official premiere was in an arrangement for Harmonica and Strings by Larry Adler at the 1963 Edinburgh Festival. The tranquil, swinging melody with its rich harmonies is set over a gently rocking bass line, and two short solo sections in a recitative style lead into a simple 'trio' section. There is then a larger recapitulation of the opening theme, before the piece creeps quietly out of the room.
(arr. M.Orriss)

G010a Flute Orchestra: Picc, 3 C Fls, Alto, Bass, Contrabass   *LISTEN*
Duration: 7'07

Please note: Not available in the USA for copyright reasons


H008 Hart/Butler/Saint-Saëns: Nellie l'éléphant 

*NEW* A thoroughly entertaining celebration of everyone's favourite proboscidean! Nellie the Elephant goes on quite a splendid flutey adventure into the world of Saint-Saëns, where she performs an Elephant Ballet (tutus optional) and joins a Grand Procession back to the Circus. This whimsical mash-up works equally well with or without the optional piccolo, Contra and Double Contra, and includes an optional Flute 4 part for lower grades. Off she went with a Trumpety Trump!
arr. M. Orriss

H008 Flute Choir: Picc. (opt.) 3 Fls, Fl 4 (opt.) Afl, Bfl, Cbfl (opt.) Dcbfl (opt.)
Grading: 2-7
Duration: 3'57


L007a Legrand: The Windmills of your Mind 

*NEW* This song was first heard in the film "The Thomas Crowne Affair" and was also famously sung by Hannah Gordon in a force 9 gale in the 1973 Morecambe and Wise Christmas special! The main tune is given here is shared between the 3 C Flutes, set over an hypnotic accompaniment.
arr N. White

L007a Flute Orchestra: 4 C Flutes, Alto, Bass, Contrabass, Double Contrabass (opt.)   *LISTEN*
Grading: 5-7
Duration: 2'10


M010 Mussorgksy: A Night On The Bare Mountain 

*NEW* Mussorgsky never heard this piece performed in his lifetime, certainly not in this version, the most famous, which was compiled by Rimsky-Korsakov from all the various versions Mussorgsky composed. The piece depicts an assembly of witches on the Bare Mountain near Kiev, and is a perpetual whirlwind of terror that lasts until the church bell sounds at dawn. This piece sounds wonderfully gothic for full flute orchestra, with plenty of challenging material in the upper parts to set the fingers flying; however, the bass, 2nd alto and 3rd flute parts would be suitable for confident grade 5s-6s.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

M010 Flute Orchestra: Picc, 2 G trb fls, 3 C fls, 2 afls, bfl, cbs fl, perc *LISTEN*
Grading: 5/6 - 9
Duration: 11'20


N002d Newman: You've Got A Friend In Me 

This classic song from Toy Story is great fun a large group, with it's easy shuffle style and walking bass line.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

N002d Flute Orchestra: 4 C fls, afl, bfl, cbfl, dcbfl  *LISTEN*
Grading: 2-7
Duration: 2'17

Please note: Available in Europe only for copyright reasons.


OR002 Orriss: Towards The Blue Horizon 

This piece was comissioned for "The Big Flute Challenge" in Belfast, 2014. It is a large scale setting of 5 folk songs from around the British Isles: "The Waters of Tyne", "Salmon Tails Up The Water", "Anach Cuain", "The Tipsy Sailor" and "Give Us A Drink Of Water". All members of the flute family are used, with a minimum of 21 players needed.

OR002 Flute Orchestra: Trad fl, Solo 4tet (incl 3 piccs,afl, bfl) Bb melody fl, picc, 3 G fls, 4 C fls, 2 afls, 2bfls, ca fl, cb fl, dble cb fl.
Grading: 1-9
Duration: 18'00   *LISTEN*



OR002s Orriss: Towards The Blue Horizon (score) 

A special commemorative score of "The Big Flute Challenge" World Record piece!

An ideal souvenir of the event for all those taking part.  Available for a limited time onyl!


OR002a Orriss: Towards The Blue Horizon 

*NEW* The original version of this piece was comissioned for "The Big Flute Challenge" in Belfast, 2014. It is a suite of 5 Folk songs from around the British Isles: "The Waters of Tyne", "Salmon Tails Up The Water", "Anach Cuain", "The Tipsy Sailor" and "Give Us A Drink Of Water". This version is slightly smaller than the original since it leaves out the trad flutes and Bb melody flutes. The suite explores the different textures and sounds available from the different sections, from a solo flute that starts and finishes the piece, through to the powerful sound of the full group.

OR002a Flute Orchestra: picc, 3 G fls, 4 C fls, 2 afls, 2bfls,cb fl   ca fl (opt.), dble cb fl. (opt.)   *LISTEN*
Grading 3-9
Duration: 17'35


OR003a Orriss: Bonny at Morn 

Written for The Big Flute Challenge 2015, this piece is based on the Northumbrian song "Bonny at Morn" and uses the full range of flutes, including Trad Flutes, Bb Melody Flutes, G Trebles and Contras. After a restless introduction, the tune is heard as a a slow air passed between the three solo trads. This builds into a large tutti section, before fading again. The tune is then presented as an energetic Reel, with plenty of interest in all the parts.

OR003a Flute Orchestra see sample pages for instrument list    *LISTEN*
Grade 2-9
Duration 6'50


OR004 Orriss: 1.7.16 

*NEW* "1.7.16" was commissioned by The Hamilton Flute Band to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, and was premiered in St Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry on 1st July 2016. The piece takes some of its ideas from musical elements already connected to the story, from the signalling bugle calls that might have been used in battle, to hints of one of the March tunes that the band still use today.
794,628 lives were lost in the Battle of the Somme, a chilling statistic.  These numbers are also woven into the music, colouring the choices of intervals, harmonies and chords, and building the central themes, including the slow march to the trenches, where the uncomfortable juxtaposition of 7ths and 9ths is used as a motif over the solo flute theme before the screeching whistle signal to go "over the top".
One of the musical elements central to the piece is the bugle call for "Assemble" which is used as an enthusiastic call in the opening, then to give unity to the chilling fear of the trenches on the eve of the battle, and finally to lead into the Commemoration of the final section, as those in the Cathedral 100 years later became part of the story as they assembled to commemorate the huge sacrifice made. 

OR004 Flute Orchestra: Picc, 2 G Trbs, 4 C Fls, 3 Altos, Bass, Conta-Alto, Contrabass, Percussion

Grading: 6-9
Duration: 8'21


S009 Strauss: Tritsch Tratsch Polka 

*NEW* This lively Polka was written shortly after Strauss returned from a successful tour of Russia. There are various explanations of the quirky title, translated as "Chit Chat"; possibly it refers to the Viennese passion for gossip, or on the other hand may have been the name of his wife's poodle! This flute orchestra version makes use of the extended timbres of the flute family, with optional Double Contrabass for extra depth. There is also an optional Orchestral Whip and Swannee whistle in the easiest flute part, guaranteed to work wonders for the counting!
(arr. M.Orriss)

S009 Flute Orchestra: Picc, 3 C Fls, Alto, Bass, Contrabass, Double Contrabass (optional) Perucssion (optional)
Grading 2-7
Duration c3'00


SS001b Saint-Saens: The Elephant 

*NEW* This favourite from 'The Carnival of the Animals' is a great way to show off the big flutes, with effective decoration from the higher members of the family.
(Arr. M.Orriss)

SS001b Flute Orchestra: 4 C fls, afl, bfl, cbfl, dcbfl  *LISTEN*
Grading: 2-6
Duration: 1'20


W004c Warren: Chattanooga Choo Choo 

*NEW* A Glen Miller inspired Swing classic. This engaging arrangement (which includes an optional train whistle and acme siren)  is popular with the players and a bit of a crowd pleaser!
(Arr. M.Orriss)

W004c Flute Orchestra: 3 C fls, afl, bfl, cbfl, dcbfl, train whistle/acme siren  *LISTEN*
Grading 3-7
Duration 3'02

Please note: Available in Europe only for copyright reasons


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